What To Look For In A Freelance Graphic Artist

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If I was the one doing the hiring I would like to know:

Turn Around Time? Post reciept of complete content average turn time is 3 days for print design, 5 days for email marketing, 14-24 business days for website design. Dependant upon how custom the job and preparedness of the client.

Price Point? Rates for my design services are as follows:
Logo Design: $250 - Includes 3 versions and 2 revisions.
Branding: $550 - Includes Letterhead (digital word doc & print ready), 2 sided Business Card & Envelope Design

Web Services prices vary based upon the sites needs and capabilities.

What Makes Me The Right Designer For You? I help you collect info to create a more cohesive and relevant web presence.  Leading with my heart, having a strong code of ethics and a huge conscience helps. A light hearted sense of humor, and as a mother of 2 boys an immense amount of patience doesn't hurt. The ability to encourage and enlighten my clients as to the benefits of marketing your business effectively is a huge benefit. I have my clients best interest at heart when it comes to design, marketing, advertising and printing. It is my goal to offer cost effective ways to make each client look good. One of the main ways I go about this is by educating my clients to update their sites and revise and reuse files. Being as price conscious as possible for my own businesses reminds me of the importance cost bears on the average consumer or client.


Are You A Small Business With BIG Ideas?

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There is just ONE of you and so much to do for your business. What is getting in the way of your success?

Who is your go to person that helps you brainstorm ideas and think BIG!  We all need a dreamer to test our dedication to the risks we take.  I will honestly say I have business ideas to keep 100 of me busy.  This is when my husband does some number crunching to bring me back down to earth.  But it is my mother that asks me "How far are you willing to take this idea?" 

  1. Create a list of 3 trusted and saavy business people in a similar industry to help you approve asthetics and narrow down options of design options.
  2. Define your goals.  Use small increments (ie. 3 months, 1 year, 2 year, 5 year). Begin branding your business by deciding what marketing components you would like to have created and when you would like them to be completed. (ie. logo, business card, letterhead, website, social network, brochures, mailers, e-mail marketing)
  3. Create a business plan that properly defines your customer. (age, gender, culture, demographics, geographical location, etc.)
  4. Create a cohesive color scheme or select a color pallate.
  5. Buy your web domain.
  6. Have your logo designed.
  7. The rest will follow with ease once you have come this far.

HTML Email Signatures

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Gettin' Fancy With Your Email Sign Offs!

When you are determining your image branding it is important to have a cohesive look when advertising and corresponding with your clients.  Important components I suggest you include in your image branding package are:

  • logo
  • emblem/icon
  • business card
  • letterhead
  • envelope
  • website
  • email signature

With the massive amounts of literature we come across daily our minds tend to gloss over the text and focus in on the images.  Incorporating your social network to your email signature is yet another way to tell your clients all the ways they can connect and maybe they can relate to you.

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